The Most Important Questions to Ask When Choosing Office Cleaning Services

Picking the best provider of office cleaning for your facility can be a time consuming and difficult task. There are so many variables among cleaning services out there, with options ranging in size, capability, and scope of services offered. However, if done right, you can find a janitorial services partner that you can cultivate a mutually beneficial partnership with for many years to come. Asking the following questions should provide you with the confidence and reassurance that you’ve made a well-educated decision.

  1. How long have you been in business?

Every company has to start somewhere, but it’s often said that the best predictor of future behavior is past performance in a similar situation. Experience matters; you don’t want a company who will use your facility as a training ground to learn the ropes of the janitorial industry. In addition, a company that has a long-standing track record shows that they have satisfied clients and experience in the cleaning industry.

  1. What does your current client portfolio look like?

Janitorial services differ quite a bit from industry to industry; the requirements and training needed to clean a manufacturing plant is very different than those required in a medical office. Although every facility is different and has unique needs and challenges, you want to choose a company who has experience in your particular industry.

At Northern Building Maintenance, we’re proud to showcase our clients and our work in their facilities. We will supply references of similar offices we service any time we provide an estimate for a new client.

  1. How do you screen and train your employees?

Screening: Your office cleaning services company should at minimum verify criminal records, check employment history, and perform drug tests, however many do not.

Training: After a qualified person is hired, your company should provide proper training beyond basic janitorial training; things like industry specific training, safety training, and ongoing training are all a must.

When a prospective company skips steps in either the screening or training process they put your employees and facility at risk. At Northern Building Maintenance, we properly screen every employee through a full employment verification, background check, and drug screen. Once hired, each employee goes through industry specific training in addition to the onsite, safety, and ongoing training that we provide.

  1. What is your employee turnover percentage?

While most companies understand that lower turnover for your office cleaning services provider means fewer new people in your building after hours, many don’t realize it also tends to have a large impact on service and quality. Having long tenured employees in your facility means they learn and understand your facility and the specific requirements you’re looking for. You should ask any prospective cleaning service what actions they’re taking to control their employee turnover percentage. At Northern Building Maintenance, our employee turnover percentage is nearly 40% lower than the industry average.

  1. What structures do you have in place to maintain quality, consistency, and reliability?

Finding out if a prospective office cleaning service has a solid plan for delivering quality, consistency, and effective cleaning is the primary concern for most companies, however very few people outright ask for this plan. Any company can say they focus on quality, but your prospective company should be able to produce a clear and concise plan detailing how they maintain quality. From their training, to their inspection processes, to their corrective action process everything should be systemized and easily explainable.

Every facility is unique and it’s important to partner with a commercial cleaning services provider who can customize a service plan specific to your industry and property’s needs. Northern Building Maintenance has over 20 years of experience providing high quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services across San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. Contact our team today through our Get Quote page and let’s work together to form a service plan that fits your needs, workplace, and budget.