While regularly vacuuming the carpets in your office does a good job of removing particles and debris, over time carpet fibers still start to harbor a number of allergens, germs, and pollutants. With people constantly walking around in your office, even the most well-maintained carpet needs the help of a commercial carpet cleaner from time-to-time. A good practice is to vacuum high traffic areas nightly, and other areas at least once per week depending on their usage. For your specialized cleanings, we have several methods that we employ, but typically we recommend forgoing the traditional liquid based cleaning agent and opting for a dry foam or encapsulation carpet cleaning. Water based carpet cleaning methods are occasionally necessary, but substituting for the low moisture approach will reduce potential mold and mildew problems that can negatively impact your employees health and safety.

Impact on Employee Health

You might be asking, is carpeting really impacting employee health and safety? As people return to their office buildings after the pandemic there has been an increased focus on healthy buildings. Harvard has been researching 40 years of scientific evidence of healthy buildings and has found a direct correlation between temperature, dust, and carpeting and its impact on employee health.

Beyond employee health, there have also been links to employee performance at work with regards to the building they’re in. In another study, office employees reported more headaches and worked on average 6.5% slower on a typing test when they were in an office with a dirty carpet, which the researchers considered to be a pollution source. They termed the symptoms produced by this scenario as Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

Benefits of using a Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Typically, we recommend you request business carpet cleaning services from your janitorial service provider rather than doing it yourself for a number of reasons. Firstly, there are several different types of carpet cleaning methods and your janitorial services company can help you choose the best approach for your specific office space. Next, you’ll likely find that you save money by letting a specialist clean your office carpets; this is because a professional company can buy high quality chemicals in bulk at wholesale prices. Lastly, a commercial carpet cleaner will use specialized equipment and cleaning techniques that will provide a more thorough carpet cleaning than what can usually be done in-house.

Having to repair or replace your commercial carpet is a costly business expense, often soaring well past the $100,000 mark depending on the size of your facility. The cost of having your commercial cleaning services provider properly care for your carpet is minimal by comparison. When commercial carpets are properly maintained, their average lifespan can be extended up to 15-20 years.

Getting started early with a cleaning plan will allow you to get the more life out of your commercial carpet. Let us partner with your office to develop a maintenance plan for each stage of your carpet’s life cycle. Contact Northern Building Maintenance today through our get quote form or give us a call to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.