A study conducted by Jeffrey Campbell, Ph.D. of Brigham Young University titled “Cleanliness & Learning in Higher Education” showed that students and employees were much more productive when they worked in cleaner environments. To assist with this, many companies choose to outsource the cleaning services of their facility to a professional company.

One of the first questions a building owner or a property manager asks is “should I hire a janitorial service or a commercial cleaning service?” While sometimes these two terms are used interchangeably, they describe two different types of cleaning service. Understanding this difference is useful in choosing the right sort of cleaning company for your facility.

Janitorial Services vs Commercial Cleaning Services?

Typically, a janitorial services company will take care of nightly cleaning duties to keep your workspace clean and properly maintained. On the other hand, commercial cleaning involves larger or often specialized tasks such as floor care or commercial carpet cleaning.

Janitorial Services

  • Emptying trash
  • Vacuuming and mopping
  • Dusting surfaces
  • Restocking and cleaning restrooms
  • Maintaining break rooms and other common areas

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Grout & tile cleaning
  • Furniture upholstery cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Pressure washing

Northern Building Maintenance is both a janitorial services provider and a commercial cleaning company, view our services here. We have a long track record of serving satisfied clients throughout Southern California from San Diego to Los Angeles. We can help your building or facility with routine nightly cleaning and maintenance, as well as the larger projects that may arise. Many of our clients use us for nightly janitorial service and request specialized commercial cleaning services several times a year to ensure that their facility is getting a regular and ongoing deep cleaning.