Although the education sector covers such a broad range of facilities, from private schools to community college campuses, there is one thing they all have in common – the maintenance projects necessary to maintain them are virtually endless. With a large amount of traffic moving through classrooms, cafeterias, and gymnasiums, there is always a need for cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Our customized school cleaning services offer proactive cleaning, disinfection, and maintenance solutions delivered around varying school schedules and budgets. This article covers a few reasons why the frequency and depth of educational cleaning are of the upmost concern for K-12 schools and universities.

Clean and Aesthetic Appeal

With many events occurring on school property, students and faculty are not the only ones who come in contact with the facilities. Open houses, parent teacher conferences, and sporting events are present situations where impressions about your school are formed. Walking into a dirty environment creates a negative association, but the reverse can also be true. Clean walkways, properly maintained trash cans, and dust-free surfaces will help your school present an inviting and trustworthy feel to both students and visors alike.

Keep Students and Staff Healthy

With the high density of students in classrooms and lecture halls, it’s easy for pathogens to spread especially through frequently touched surfaces. In a recent test done by utilizing a safe norovirus substitute, a virus sample was placed on office tabletops. Within a four hours period, the harmless virus had spread to nearly 40-60% of the office’s employees and visitors. Frequently and thoroughly disinfected high tough surfaces will prevent germs from spreading, but specialized chemicals and proper dwell times must be used to properly eliminate harmful pathogens.

Student and Faculty Morale

The primary maintenance complaint on school campuses is unhygienic bathrooms. In a survey done on U.S. workers, 83% of those surveyed believed that the cleanliness of their workplace bathrooms was a major indicator of how their company valued its employees. It can be concluded that students and faculty in the education sector also found restroom cleanliness is to be of high importance. A proper school cleaning service will have the tools and experience to properly stock and maintain high-traffic restrooms.

Cleaning Service for Your School

Whether you manage a private school, charter school, or university, let Northern Building Maintenance help create a clean and healthy environment for your students and faculty. We have extensive experience providing cleaning services throughout the Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego areas. We will work closely with your school to develop a customized service plan that addresses your specific needs and schedule. Contact us today to learn more.