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Northern Building Maintenance developed “Northern Flex” to ensure that each area of your facility receives the proper type and frequency of care. We understand certain areas of your facility may require more attention than others based on their location and usage. For example, you may currently be cleaning your carpets twice per year when a high-traffic area requires three cleanings and a low-traffic area only requires one. To address this issue, our service plans are built around your facility’s traffic and activity, rather than simple square footage. This maximizes your janitorial budget and reduces the replacement fees normally associated with under and over-cleaning.

  • Each area receives the proper type and frequency of care
  • Reduced service and replacement costs

Service Flexibility:

Northern Building Maintenance understands that your janitorial needs may change over time. The Northern Flex Program was created to address both the planned and unplanned variations that occur in the maintenance of your facility. Whether you need to make a temporary change, or permanently alter the type and frequency of service, the Northern Flex Program can make this transition easy and stress free.

We can quickly adjust for:

  • Special events
  • Seasonal variations
  • New tenants
  • Budgetary changes

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