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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpeted flooring can look great and make your facility feel soft, warm, and welcoming. However, even with proper vacuuming, over time carpet fibers start to harbor a number dirt, dust, and germs. Northern Building Maintenance helps address these concerns with our wide array of professional carpet cleaning services.


How often should carpets be cleaned?

A good practice when it comes to carpets is to vacuum high traffic areas nightly, and other areas weekly. Additionally, this vacuuming should be complemented with deep commercial carpet cleaning between 1-2x a year depending on usage. A combination of both vacuuming and deep cleaning will ensure that your carpeting remains functional and beautiful for many years to come.

At Northern Building Maintenance, we can custom build a complete service plan to properly maintain your carpets. If not properly cared for, not only can carpets begin to degrade, but they can also have adverse effects on employee health and wellness. In an article by the American Lung Association, unclean carpets showed trapped pollutants and allergens like dust mites, particle pollution, lead, mold spores, and pesticides.


What is included in our Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services?

Depending on the age and condition of your carpeting, Northern Building Maintenance will choose the appropriate cleaning method for your carpet. Our team of experts are well versed in all the methods of proper carpet cleaning. Some of the methods we employ include restorative hot water extraction, encapsulation carpet cleaning, bonnet carpet cleaning, and dry foam carpet cleaning.

Just as carpets vary greatly by sizes, fibers, and piles; every facility we service does as well. Northern Building Maintenance will work with you to build a commercial carpet cleaning plan that integrates well with your facility’s existing cleaning and maintenance services. Our team can build a carpet maintenance program that takes into account your schedule, budget, carpet type, and any unique challenges your facility may face. Reach out to us from our Get Quote page or give us a call today at 858-943-1095 and let’s co-create a carpet care plan that’s custom tailored for your facility.

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